Q: Are donations Tax Deductible?

A: Yes. LatinosNYC is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, therefore your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Q: What kind of services does LatinosNYC provide to the community?

A: Two of our main contributions to the community at the moment are a food program and toy drive. We feed the less fortunate at Tompkins Square Park, on the Lower East Side on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Every week 200 homeless and needy individuals are fed by groups like LatinosNYC. We currently fund one of those weekends and are looking to expand this program. Our goal is to expand our feeding program to every borough and make sure that no one who is in need, goes without. In addition, we "adopt" approximately 250 children who are in the ACS System in Harlem for the holidays and make sure that they are not forgotten during the holidays, by providing toys on 3 Kings Day to children in need.


Q: Does LatinosNYC only serve the Latino community?

A: No. LatinosNYC serves all who are in need. We see people as one race- the human race. Our mission is based on the undeniable truth that everyone matters and everyone is connected. If we honor this fundamental belief, then there is no reason that any child or person should be in need of a plate of food, clothes or live without the human decency of knowing that they loved and that they matter 

Q: Dos LatinosNYC only serve NYC?

A: Not at all. Over the last several years, LatinosNYC has proudly garnered recognition for our work and continuously are expanding our efforts to grow and improve upon our success. We've taken participated in an 8 mile suicide walk to bring about awareness of the grave matter affecting so many around us. We have and will continue to collect coats, clothes (new or slightly used), and supplies to donate to an organization called “Independent Living” in Brooklyn, that helps unwed teenage mothers. We've also sent donations to Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in times of need and during the holidays.